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Another love poem I wrote again..
A girl with a heart of adventure,
Who plays my heart with a strings of together,
She is the snow of the very season,
The fairest of maiden of my truest of reason,
She had the beauty of women  in one,
Oh I must to see if I can make a bond,
My love of this maiden will be unrivaled,
Even me as fool who always babbles.
The bow of cupid has struck me with its arrow,
I don't care if  he can hit me in narrow,
She is the maiden that I admire,
The heart she gave to continue to inspire.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 2 6
A 2-lett poem
A woman with a mechanical heart,
Who vows herself to never feel,
A man with the name of Stuart,
A handsome well mannered gentleman
Sparks the heart of the fair
Terror rise within the hearts of friends,
Stuart care and save the woman
The woman's heart was stabilized
Able to feel as she please
The woman fell in love,
Stuart share his love,
Rose fell as the couple made the first kiss
If they are in love,
Bring them in light,
Begin in their new life.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 3 13
Scarlett's faith forms into a gem, sense of fairness awards her passion
Will she became the fairest of all?
Could be a woman, a beauty with a crown of  feather
share of her sympathy fairs all
Will she find love?
Hail, hail feathers
A groom appears a handsome face
Heart beats on fair scarlett
She admits she is bonded with this man
Will they forced or meant?
Their paths are one
Could lead a special bond
If they are love
Let us feel the warmth of passion
Be appear as a swan
Dancing through the feathers of fair scarlett
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 1 23
Little Herman
Herman's father yell at him,
Herman's mother spites him,
Little Herman had enough,
Little Herman left home,
Little Herman had no siblings,
A dark thoughts came in little Herman's mind,
Wonder what Little Herman thinks?
Little Herman grabs an axe,
His Father try to fight,
Little Herman slash his thigh,
Bleed... Bleed.. Bleed..
His Mother were to cry,
Little Herman smiled and slash his mother,
Scream, scream, scream.. until no scream,
Little Herman dissappears, never seen again.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 0 0
Eight Feet Tall
Tall as tree, white as snow,
She wears a straw hat and a white kimono,
She resides within the dark..
Only to whisper,
Her muttering is like a man's voice,
She wanders the shadows,
Stalking little children,
Tall very tall,
Pale very pale,
She takes children away,
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 1 2
A wedding chant rise
Flowers fell as i touch you
I vowed to be yours
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 2 9
Night love
I walk path within the light of night,
There I sit beneath the bright,
I lone, I thirst, I cold,
I look above the holy light,
There I saw.. A girl, she was the beautiful moon I ever sight!
My heart full of sorrow and darkness suddenly had a sparks of light,
She is the beacon! She is the light of my path,
Her beauty had me joyed!,
Her eyes rid off the thirst that I suffer!
Her prescense that had me warm like a thousand pillows!
She is a melody, I admire to hear.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 2 6
The Hum
No other sounds has haunt the living,
Quiet like the sound of door creak,
Thus a sound is heard within the ear,
A haunting sound will forever heard,
A sound heard like wedding bride,
Hum within the halls.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 2 8
Up on a tree
Two little children  on a tall tree,
The other child asked, "how is it to be free?",
The other child said, "It feels you want to be."
The branch break! the children fell, they are now free.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 2 3
Heavenly Angel
look up to the sky,
There was an angel who's free,
A gorgeous one too.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 3 4
I never believe in ghosts or any supernatural stories, I often laugh and make jokes about it until I was proven. I am a station nurse at the silver heart hospital which was rumored to be haunted the hospital itself has 13 floors and it is the only light you can see in the town due to its glowing green sign but my skepticism got the control of me so i apply as a nurse there when I entered the hospital it seems strange because normally a hospital.. well, you guess almost many patients at the waiting room, cries of injured but at silver heart has...few like it was just a library with few readers I find it strange but I often ignore, I was assigned as a station nurse in silver heart hospital in the 3rd floor which is the haunted floor with many tragic events, suicides and murders, i believe it is just  rumors from people who likes to scare other people. My station in the 3rd floor is located next to an elevator, you can view from the hallways from left to right, the first 4 nights it
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 1 0
One night, I was home alone in charge of the house, I heard foot step in the attic, thinking it may be a cat but it gets louder, I went upstairs to check a cold breeze suddenly hit me..I look up and saw a woman with a long hair, black dress and long red fingernails.. She rush towards me, I ran away.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 0 0
Night Riddle
Night in the deepest route.. shh.. listen.. you could hear faint whispers,
Laughter,mourn and you will shiver,
A cold breath touches your ear,
Listen what it has say to bear?
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 0 0
One night, I had a nightmare about a man with a hairy face, sharp fangs and red eyes, Breathing on my face and I suddenly woke up and saw my bedroom door open, below under my bed and I hear breathing.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 0 0
Dawn is approaching,
Wandering souls finally free,
New day has begun.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 1 0
I saw my own reflecfion in the mirror smiling at me as I sleep.
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 29 8



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